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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 27, 2015 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, kilner the cockpit. the midair mystery now deepening. why did one of the pilots allegedly guide the plane into that terrifying ten-minute descent into death on purpose? tonight the police swarming the home of the 27-year-old at the controls. the new video from the remote mountainous debris field. and the rules designed to avoid exactly this kind of disaster here at home. plus, she won the bachelor's heart. now she's revealing a radical step for ensuring she can have his baby. tonight we go inside a lucrative business. what is an egg freezing party?
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tonight the investigation into that deadly plane crash in
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the frerch alps is focusing on one man, the pilot who allegedly brought the jet down deliberately with 149 other people on board. all the while the captain locked out pounding desperately on the door. so what could have motivated this apparent mass murder? what kind of protection do flights here in america have against a kilner the cockpit? here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: these haunting images are the first we've seen up close of the twisted metal and shattered debris. all that is left of germanwings flight 9525. tattered clothing. a circuit board. severed chunks of a broken machine. the plane mysteriously crashed into the rugged french alps on tuesday, killing all 150 souls on board. but now a recording from that battered black box recovered from the wreckage may reveal the shocking, horrible truth -- this tragedy was apparently no accident. in an emotional news conference
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the french prosecutor said the flight's 27-year-old copilot andreas lubitz lock the captain out of the cockpit and then deliberately crashed the plane. in the final moments before impact screaming passengers heard on the recording a dragic end to a flight that began routinely. a 10:00 a.m. takeoff from barcelona. everything seems normal. the cockpit voice recorder showing a friendly conversation between the two pilots. but then the copilot lubitz is less jovial his answers short. 30 minutes into the flight, the jet hits cruising altitude 38,000 feet. the captain asks lubitz to take over presumably to use the bathroom, and leaves the cockpit. starting the ten minutes of horror. once alone with the door locked flight tracking data shows the copilot changes the auto pilot sending the jetliner down toward the alps. outside the cockpit the captain feels the plane descending. he knocks on the door no answer. he starts banging as if trying to break the door down.
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silence from the copilot. but on the recording lubitz can be heard breathing normally. seconds tick by. the jet dropping more than 3,000 feet a minute. closing in on the mountains in plain view of the passengers as they plummet to their deaths. abc's hamish mcdonald was at the crash site as grieving families began to arrive. >> this is the convoy of families coming to visit the site of the crash. there will be a mountainside vigil here. this is about as close as these families will come to seeing the location that this plane went down. >> reporter: among the victims three americans, including emily selky, traveling with her mother yvonne traveling from barcelona to dusseldorf, and oliver living in spain. why couldn't the captain get back into the cockpit? since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 commercial aircraft including germanwings airbus a-320, have a nearly impenetrable cockpit door. >> after 9/11 what we were
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trying to do is make sure the bad guys couldn't get into the cockpit. they reinforced the door where you couldn't even blow it off the hinges. >> reporter: there are strict lock-down procedures in case of emergency. >> the new reinforced phase two cockpit door -- >> reporter: as this airbus demonstration video explains once the cockpit door is locked from the inside -- >> this code pad provides increased security levels. >> reporter: a digital code is required to get back in. >> the red light is lit confirming the door is locked. >> reporter: but even then the pilot inside the cockpit can block re-entry for five minutes. >> of course along with that comes the problem, what happens if you need to get into the cockpit and nobody inside is able to let you in? or worse, a situation like we have here when are somebody's denying access? >> reporter: u.s. regulations require two people always remain in the cockpit. if one pilot exits, a relief pilot or flight attendant must take their place. germanwings. >> not all the international air carriers follow that no lone zone rule. we may be fairly unique in the united states. i think that's going to change.
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>> reporter: tonight, some international carriers, including air can canada norwegian air, are changing their policy to match that of the u.s. there are big questions now about lubitz's state of mind. the airlines says he was 100% fit to fly, doing some of his training in the u.s. the ceo saying his performance was without criticism. not at all striking. the airline adds he underwent a rigorous psychological examination as part of his training and there were no red flags. which has many now wondering about the quality of psychological screenings of pilots across all airlines. this is not the first time a pilot has killed himself and murdered those on board. it happened in an egypt air crash and is one of the theories of what may have happened to malaysia airlines flight 370 which still has not been found. >> the psychological screening process for a flight crew member varies significantly from air carrier to air carrier. >> reporter: antonio cortes is a
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former commercial pilot and trainer with 24 years of experience. he says there is a lack of consistency for psychological testing. >> sometimes it can be a rather cursory sort of assessment by maybe a psychologist assigned to the interview team. other times it can be a rather robust set of questions to establish sort of the psychological makeup of the individual. >> reporter: the association that represents most major u.s. airlines, including delta, american united said in a statement that their pilots undergo rigorous evaluations in the hiring process. and the faa requires pilots to disclose all existing psychological conditions and medications. but the same is not always true for pilots on international carriers. >> there is no standard within certain countries' industries, much less across the globe. >> the major psychological screening for airline pilots is only in the hiring phase. after that there is no particular routine screening or rescreening of people. one of the reasons is you're not really going to be able to find
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a way to do this effectively. it's much more effective to have everybody watching everybody else. >> reporter: lubitz's facebook page, taken down earlier today, offered no signs of emotional distress or clues of the tragedy to come. today my colleague terry moran, followed lubitz's trail, driving through the german countryside from dusseldorf where he had an apartment to his hometown in the shadow of a castle. >> this is the small air trap where andrelubitz learned how to fly. the flight club remembers him here. they say it was his lifelong dream to become a pilot. >> reporter: the chairman of his aviation club says he was a very calm, responsible man. he lived most of the time with his parents on a quiet street in a development. now the shutters closed keeping prying eyes out as police carry out suitcases. neighbors stunned. "he's not the type of guy who
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would try to kill other people absolutely not." another neighbor says he simply can't believe it. "he was a young and healthy man, or at least he appeared to be very healthy." investigators are still searching for the flight data recorder in the wreckage. they hope it will help them piece together those final terrifying moments. and maybe answer the question, why? for "nightline," i'm david kerley in new york. up next on "nightline," after emerging triumphant and engaged from the latest season of "the bat error," whitney bischoff reveals she froze her eggs two years ago as a precaution. this is an increasingly popular procedure. they're having egg-freezing parties now. but is it worth the high cost and does it really work? this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out... with humira.
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. after whitney bischoff said yes during the finale of "the bachelor" she then said it was now time for her and her farmer fiance chris to "make some babies." tonight we're learning more
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about how serious she was. years before her reality tv debut she froze her eggs. egg freezing was become a big business but is it for everyone? here's linzie janis. >> reporter: these 30-somethings are posting to the future of their fertility. >> tell us about your eggs! >> reporter: they're here to learn about freezing their eggs. >> i am ecstatic to see so many young women here tonight. >> reporter: marketing company egg banks hosts swanky parties like these all over the country. >> i'm not married now and i'm not really in a steady relationship. so it's another option. >> reporter: teaching women the dream of having it all. their slogan lean in but freeze first. the fertility industry is worth $4 billion. because now more than ever women are delaying child birdbirthchildbirth. many haven't found the right partner. others want to focus on careers. some just aren't ready.
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>> will you marry me? >> absolutely. >> reporter: 29-year-old whitney bischoff recently found the love of her life on abc's "the bachelor." >> we're going to make some babies. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: but two years ago, the fertility nurse decided to freeze her eggs just in case. >> a huge sense of relief. i just felt it would be silly for me not to take the opportunity when it was handed to me. >> reporter: whitney says seeing patients struggle to conceive on their own made her want to take control. >> you hear patients say, i just wish i would have known, i wish someone would have told me. i felt like i needed to walk the talk. i felt like i, you know was taking control of my career and taking control of other aspects of my life. for me it just was giving me options for my future. >> reporter: her doctor says women as young as 20 should consider freezing their eggs too. >> i think it's applicable to any woman in her 20s or 30s who's thinking forward about her fertility potential and wants to
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sustain her reproductive age. because there's such a drop-off in pregnancy rates as women get older. you might get pregnant on your own at 35, but what about your second child? you're 38, 39. now it drops down significantly. >> reporter: but it's an expensive and arduous procedure. $10,000 for medications and initial extraction. $500 per year to freeze and store the eggs. and when you're finally ready to have a baby it costs about $5,000 to thaw fertilize, and transfer the egg to your uterus. it usually takes multiple tries. in the end the procedure can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000. and even after putting your body through the drugs and the procedure and spending all that money, there's no guarantee. >> i think as physicians we've got to be careful that we set expectations. there's disappointments.
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it might not work. but if you can afford it it is hard for me to understand why someone would not do it. >> reporter: but the technology is relatively new. and there isn't much research on how well it actually works. in the last 30 years, there have been only 5,000 babies born worldwide through egg freezing. medical researcher colleen coglin showed my colleague linsey davis how it works. >> as soon as the egg is retrieved we bathe the egg in this solution which is very similar to an anti-freeze solution. >> that is little dot -- >> that little dot at 9:00 that's the egg. it's put on the cryo device. and then immediately plunged into liquid nitrogen. once they're frozen they're placed in a nitrogen tank. >> reporter: at the parties the allure of freezing eggs is obvious for women worried about their biological clock. but bioethicist josephine
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johnson says the marketing hype around the procedure is troubling. >> i talk to fits about egg freezing cocktail parties. they've been shocked to learn medical interinterventions are being discussed with potential patients while alcohol is being provide sglrd johnson says she's concerned women aren't hearing enough about the possible medical risks of taking drugs to stimulate their ovaries which is an essential part of the procedure. >> i would like to see a lot more clarity about what it means to undergo treatment. it's a medical intervention. you are putting chemicals into your body. there are risks associated with it. >> reporter: some big companies have embraced the idea making progressive moves to support their female employees' desire to have kids. apple and facebook are covering some of the costs of egg freezing. but johnson is worried about the message this sends. >> if the only things they do are offer subsidy for it but they don't actually support the other option of people having children while they're still in
12:58 am
natural fertility, it sends a strong message about what you're supposed to do. one of the problems with the large uptake of egg freezing technology is i believe it sends a message to women that the problem of trying to reconcile family relationships, career is something that women alone need to take responsibility for and it's on their backs, it's their bodies that's the problem. >> reporter: for whitney, making her wedding plans and thinking about her future with chris, she says having frozen her eggs gives her an added sense of security. >> i think, you know we're just taking it step by step. we've had a lot of changes, coming public with our relationship, then "dancing with the stars." so right now we're just trying to enjoy each other. and we'll get there. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm linzie janis in new york. >> our thanks to linzie. what do you think about the pros and cons of freezing eggs? go to our "nightline" facebook page and let us know in the comment section. coming up if you really
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